Adding a Drive to an Intel Matrix RAID 5

Intel Matrix Storage Technology is a RAID controller used to create RAID arrays with multiple hard drives. A RAID array is a series of hard drives connected to a RAID adapter rather than directly to the motherboard interface. The RAID controller presents the various hard drives as a volume, and uses various methods to improve data protection and data access speed. RAID 5 spreads data across several different disks with a method of storage called striping. This speeds up data access. Data protection is achieved through parity, which provides a segmentation index that can be recreated if a drive in the set fails. Things You’ll Need
Computer with
Phillips RAID 5 Configuration
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Turn off the computer . Unplug peripheral, monitor, and power cables from the back of the computer. Open the computer case. You may need to unlock the case cover or unscrew it from the back of the case.

Slide the new hard drive into the drive bay inside your computer. The drive cage is a metal cage where the rest of your RAID disks are located. Squeeze the hard drive into brackets so that it stays in place. Connect an interface cable to the back of your hard drive. Connect the other end of the cable to the Intel Matrix RAID Controller. Connect the hard drive to a power cable.

Close the case lid. Reconnect all cables. Start the computer. Click “Start”, then “All Programs”.

Click “Intel Matrix Storage Manager,” then “Intel Matrix Storage Console.” Click “View” and then “Advanced Mode.” Right-click the entry for your newly installed hard drive and click “Rebuild to this hard drive.”

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