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How to Backup and Restore Windows 11 Registry

Windows 11 registry backup and restore can be easily operated with the export and import functions of the registry editor. When working with the registry, backing up the part of the registry that you edit will allow you to proceed more safely. This page introduces how to back up and restore the registry.
Registry backup and restore
Backing up and restoring the registry is handled by the Export and Import functions of Registry Editor. How to open Registry Editor

  • Press “Windows” and “R” on your keyboard.
  • When Run opens, type regedit in the text box and click OK.
  • Click Yes when the User Account Control warning appears.

“Run” can also be opened from Start.

 Back up some registry

If you want to back up for safety when editing the registry, etc., it is OK to back up the registry key to be edited or the main key. Right-click the registry key you want to back up and click “Export” on the menu to display the registry file export screen.
 Specify a save location, enter a name, and click Save.
* If the name of the backup contains Japanese characters, a “path (location)” error may occur depending on the restoration environment, so please use alphanumeric characters.Check the created file and the partial registry backup is complete. 


  • A registry key has the same structure as a folder, if it has subkeys, in a hierarchy of subkeys within a main key. If you back up the main key, the subkeys are also included.
  • Subkey backups do not include the main key.
  • It is not possible to back up only the values ​​in registry keys. If you export only one value, all values ​​in the key will be backed up.

Backup all registries

When backing up and restoring all registries, it is necessary to restore from the repair function without starting Windows 11. I mainly create backups for repair purposes such as boot problems . While it is running, “Import” of the Registry Editor or “Combine” from a file causes an error and cannot be restored.

Back up the entire registry from Registry Editor

Here, we are talking about backing up registry keys, but you can also back up the registry completely.
The method is to right-click “Computer” in the Registry Editor and select “Export” from the menu.
It will take some time to create a complete backup file.

Copy the registry management folder and back up the entire registry

Just open the location where the registry is managed, copy the registry file, paste it somewhere else, and you’re done with the backup. Registry Location The registry location is config
under System32 in the Windows folder . Click the “>” icon next to the folder to expand it.

  • 〉Local Disk (C:)
  • 〉Windows
  • 〉System32
  • 〉config

C:\Windows\System32\config Registry files to back up
The following registry files are required for backup for repair purposes. Back up other files and folders if necessary.

  • SAMs

Restore a backed up registry

There are two ways to restore a registry backup: ‘Import’ in Registry Editor or ‘Merge’ directly from a backup file. Registry restore “appends” the registry key if it doesn’t exist, and overwrites (restores) the registry key if it already exists.

Import and restore registry

Click File in Registry Editor, then click Import from the menu.  Select the registry you backed up and click Open to start restoring.  Restoration is successful if “The keys and values ​​contained in … were successfully added to the registry.” Click OK.
This completes the restore of the registry on import.

Merge registry restore

  • Right-click the registry backup file and click Show more options.
  • When the options appear, click Join.
  • Click Yes when User Account Control appears.

 When the confirmation screen about adding (restoring) the registry is displayed, click “Yes” to start the restoration.
 Restoration is successful if “The keys and values ​​contained in … were successfully added to the registry.” Click OK.
This completes the registry restoration in Merge.

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