Best Hard Disk for recording

Choosing the right hard drive for recording can be a challenge as the market is flooded with hundreds of seemingly good hard drives. Three factors need to be taken into account when choosing your hard drive: speed, storage and noise. Four external hard drives stand out as being among the best in their class. WD Elements Desktop
WD Elements Desktop has a 2TB (1TB = 1024GB) external hard drive. It can be connected to your Mac or PC via a standard USB 2.0 cable. You don’t need to install any software to use it. It has a strong metal case, which provides greater protection from damage. The data transfer speed for this is 480MB per second, and, as far as the noise goes, it’s pretty quiet.
Seagate has a 2TB external hard drive that has a data transfer speed of up to 480MB per second. It is a compact 3.5″ hard drive with USB 2.0 connectivity. This hard drive is not USB powered, so you will have to plug in the power supply that comes with it. This hard drive may be a little noisier than the others.

LaCie D2
LaCie is an extremely fast (800MB per second) hard drive with 1TB of storage space. It is perfect for editing multimedia files and storing it as it makes very little noise. This hard drive is 60 percent larger than other hard drives in its class, which keeps it cooler than its competitors. It can be connected to your PC, Mac and DV.

Iomega Prestige Desktop
Iomega Prestige Desktop Hard Drive has a data transfer speed of up to 480MB per second. it’s a slightly cheaper alternative to the above hard drives. It comes with 1TB of storage space and a sleek aluminum body. It is Energy Star certified and, as of September 2010, comes with a one-year subscription to Trend Micro Internet Security. This hard drive is not as silent as the others.

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