Can I Move Program Files To An External Harddrive And Run Them From It

Have you ever received a message from your computer notifying you that your disk storage space is running low? A good alternative to buying another computer or deleting your programs and files is to get an external hard drive. You can connect external hard drives to your computer and use them to store data such as files and programs. You can easily access the information stored on your computer’s hard drive whenever you want. hard drives Meaning
Externals are invaluable for people who like to store and maintain a lot of information about their computer. PCs, and particularly laptops, only have so much space and memory for heavy programs and software before it starts to affect the computer’s functionality. An external hard drive gives you that extra space to store these files and programs when you need them.
When you need a file or program, you can access it from your hard drive by connecting it to your computer via USB cable. Once connected, you can open your computer’s drive and access documents and programs.
As accessing certain programs on an external drive of your computer can cause problems, you should transfer data such as text documents, video, music and photos to your external hard drive rather than the program itself. Software is replaceable by downloading or inserting the software installation CD that came with the program, if necessary. You’re better served to reserve your external hard drive for files and data that aren’t easy to replace.

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