Can I save WAV files on a USB Drive Jump

USB or flash jump drives are small devices that act as portable memory for your computer. They are convenient and durable as they don’t include any moving parts. They can be used to store any type of digital information. . WAV files
THE . WAV file format is an audio format commonly used by Windows computers. Audio can be compressed to different quality levels to save space.

provided enough space is available, any jump unit can save. WAV. Right-click on the file you want to transfer and select “Send to” from the menu that appears. Select and click on the jump unit from the pop-out menu. . Wait for transfer to complete
Do not remove the jump drive before the transfer is complete as this may corrupt the information you are trying to save to it. As an extra precaution, you can click on the “Remove Device” icon located in the taskbar near the clock.

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