Windows 10 Disable upgrade to Windows 11 notifications

You can turn off the upgrade notification icon on the taskbar, the recommended upgrade notification screen that appears at startup, and the pop-up notification by selecting “Continue using Windows 10” in Updates and Security. This page introduces how to turn off Windows 11 upgrade notification. Windows 11 upgrade notification explained An update notification icon appears on…

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How to fix problems with Windows 11 standard app repair function

There is a function to repair or reset each application, such as when there is a problem with the Windows 11 standard installed application or when it freezes heavily, so using the repair function may solve the problem of the application. This page introduces how to repair problems using the Windows 11 standard app repair function….

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How to record only a selection of Windows 11 screen – Screenshot Snipping Tool

With the recording function newly added to Windows11 Snipping Tool, it is possible to record only the selected area of ​​the screen. For the recording method, select the “Record button”, click “New”, select the range of the screen to be recorded and click “Start”, you can record only the selected range. This page introduces how to record…

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Stop Snipping Tool from starting with Windows 11 Print key

Just as the Snipping Tool starts with the Print Screen (PrtSc) key on the keyboard in Windows 11, if the update is changed to “on” without permission, you will not be able to take screenshots with only the Print key. The workaround is to turn off “Print key opens screen snipping” in the accessibility settings. This page…

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How to Snip and Capture Part of Windows 11 Screen – Screenshot Snipping Tool

Windows 11 comes standard with “Snipping Tool” as a screenshot application. Snipping Tool can be started with “Windows” + “Shift” + “S”, and you can cut and capture only the part of the screen selected by mouse operation. You can also sketch with the Snipping Tool. This page introduces how to capture a specified area with the screenshot…

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Check and stop Windows 11 background apps

Apps running in the background on Windows 11 must be individually checked and stopped in Apps in Settings. If you have “advanced options” in the app menu, you can stop it by setting ” always off ” in background app permissions . This page introduces how to stop running background apps in Windows 11.Please refer to the following page for how…

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How to uninstall Windows 11 apps and what to do if you can’t

Windows 11 apps can be uninstalled from 3 places: All Apps in Start, Apps & Features in Settings, or Programs in Control Panel. If you can’t delete the app, you may be able to delete it by booting in safe mode and uninstalling. This page introduces how to uninstall and delete Windows 11 apps. 3 ways to…

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Setting Internet Options for Windows 11 IE Mode

When using the IE mode of the Windows 11 Edge browser, you can set the security and advanced settings of trusted sites in the conventional way from Internet Explorer’s Internet options. This page introduces the explanation of Internet options provided for IE mode of Windows11 Edge. Use Internet Options in Internet Explorer on Windows 11 In…

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How to fix upgrade failure on Windows 11 0x8007001f

If Windows 11 version update or upgrade from Win10 to Win11 fails, try troubleshooting or system repair command, but if it fails with “0x8007001f” error code, it may be possible to deal with it by deleting unnecessary user keys in the registry . is highly sexual. This page introduces how to deal with the 0x8007001f error caused by upgrading. The explanatory…