CD-ROM will not boot from a disk

Whenever you need to install or reinstall your operating system, you may need to configure your computer to boot from CD. If your computer refuses to boot from CD, there are several ways to determine the problem and look for a suitable solution. Things You’ll Need
Bootable Disc
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Make sure you are using a boot disk. A boot disk is one that has a small operating system installed on it that the computer can load and boot. If you are not using a boot disk, your computer will not be able to boot from the CD. Also inspect the disc for damage or cracks. Do not put a damaged CD in your CD-ROM.

Check if the CD drive is registered in the BIOS. Restart the computer. After POST (Power On Self Test) , the BIOS key will be displayed. Press the key that will take you to the BIOS and navigate to the “Hardware” tab or something similar. The CD-ROM should be included in the list of drives on your computer. If the CD-ROM is not included, the drive may be misconfigured or misconfigured, it may need to be replaced, or it may be defective.

Turn off the computer and disconnect all cables connected to the back of the device, including peripheral devices such as pen drives, printers and external hard drives.

Open the computer case. Consult your computer manual for specific instructions.

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the drive from the drive bay and remove it from the slot. Make sure the jumper settings are configured correctly so that it is detected by the computer. See the label affixed to the CD-ROM for the proper jumper settings.

Put the CD-ROM back into the slot. Connect the power cord plugged into the rear of the CD-ROM. Check that the flat IDE cable is also correctly connected from the IDE port on the CD-ROM to the IDE port on the motherboard.

Close the computer case. Turn on the computer and repeat Step 2. If the drive is not yet registered in the BIOS, the CD-ROM may be defective and needs to be replaced.

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