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Windows 10 Scaling and layout setting method “Change screen magnification”

Windows 10 can scale without changing the screen resolution.
If you lower the resolution and enlarge the screen, it will become blurry overall, but if you use the Windows 10 built-in function “Scaling and Layout”, you can correct the blurred app display and specify the magnification. It can be enlarged without being relatively blurry. This page introduces how to set the enlargement of the computer screen.

Windows 10 Screen Scaling and Shrinking

Open scaling and layout settings

Scaling and layout settings are controlled from Display in Windows Settings. Click the Start menu and click Settings on the menu.
 Click System on the Windows Settings screen.
 Make sure it says “Display”.
If not, click “Display” in the menu.
Change with recommended display magnification

Select and change the ratio recommended by Windows. Click the box for “Change the size of text, apps, and other items” to see the magnification. This display varies depending on the environment. When you select the display magnification, it will be reflected immediately.

If you have set the recommended magnification, but it is blurry overall , please try changing the magnification by the method of “Change the display magnification yourself” in the next section.

Change the display magnification by yourself

You can change the magnification that cannot be set from the selection box by entering the magnification yourself, but it will not take effect unless you sign out once and then sign in again. Click “Advanced display scale settings”.

  • Enter the magnification in the “Custom Scaling” box on the detailed display scale settings screen.
  • Enter only numbers between “100 to 500” and do not enter the “%” symbol.
  • Click “Apply” when you are finished.

 “Custom scaling will not be applied until you sign out.” is displayed.
If you want to see the expansion status immediately, click “Sign out now”.

In the above method, you can change the magnification repeatedly until you like it. If you want to cancel the zoom ratio you set yourself,
click “Disable custom zoom settings and sign out” on the display settings screen.
Sign in again to complete the cancellation.
Fix when app display is blurry

Try to fix the display of some apps that are blurry instead of fixing the whole screen.
I don’t think the system is expensive, but let’s turn it “on”. Click “Advanced display scale settings”.
 Click the switch button for “Let Windows try fixes to help apps display sharply” to turn it on.
If the blurring does not go away, adjust the magnification by yourself.

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