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Change Windows 10 Start Menu Color

To change the color of the Windows 10 start menu and start screen, change the color setting instead of “start” in the window settings. When you change the color of the start menu, the taskbar, the frame of the opened window, the background color of the tiles, etc. will also change at the same time.
Normally, it is not possible to change the color individually, such as only the start menu or only the start screen. Changing the color of the start menu will change the color of the start screen at the same time. This page shows how to change the color of the start menu.

Change the color of the start menu

Open the color setting screen

Open “Colors” in personal settings
1. Click the “Windows” mark and place the mouse pointer where the icon on the left is displayed, then the menu will open and click “Settings”.
 2. The setting screen will open, so click “Personal settings”.
 3. Click “Color” in the left menu on the personal settings screen.

Change Color

1. Click the color you want to set in “Windows Colors”.
If you don’t have a favorite color, you can click “Custom Color” to create a color.
Here, click “red” to explain.
If you operate to change the color, the frame of the open screen, the characters of the active window, etc. will be changed immediately. 

  • At this point, the color of the Start menu has not changed yet.
  • You can see that the tile background and icon background have been changed to the set color.

Changing the “Start Menu Colors” in this way also involves changing some basic color settings in Windows.
 2. Click “Start, Taskbar, Action Center” under “Show accent color in the following places” to add a check mark.
 With this operation, the start-related colors such as the start menu, start screen, and icons are changed and completed. 

The color of the taskbar is also changed
With the change of the color of the start menu, the color of the taskbar is also changed.
The color of the taskbar has been changed, but it is a muddy color. This is a color like this because of the “transparency effect”. The color changes depending on the background color.
 If you want to disable the transparency effect and change to a clear color, turn the switch button of “transparency effect” to “off”.
Even if the “transparency effect” is “off”, the difference from the set color is the specification of Windows to make the border of the “taskbar” clear.

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