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Check and stop Windows 11 background apps

Apps running in the background on Windows 11 must be individually checked and stopped in Apps in Settings. If you have “advanced options” in the app menu, you can stop it by setting ” always off ” in background app permissions . This page introduces how to stop running background apps in Windows 11.Please refer to the following page for how to stop the application that runs when Windows 11 starts.

Steps to stop Windows 11 background apps

In Windows 10 I was able to stop it in the background apps list, but in Windows 11 this function is missing. In Windows 11, the specification was changed to check whether it is running in the background individually and stop the background application.

1. Open app settings for background apps

1-1. Click the “Start button” and click “Settings” in the Start menu.
 1-2. When “Settings” is displayed, click “Apps” in the item, and then click “Installed apps” on the App settings screen.
For version 21H2 , click “Apps and features”.
Next, check which apps are running in the background.

2. Check if background apps are running

It was easy to check background apps in Windows 10, but the specifications have changed since Windows 11, and you need to check them individually from the list of installed apps. 2-1. Click the “…” menu icon in the box where the app icon is displayed and check if there is ” Advanced Options “.

If you don’t see advanced options in the menu , you can tell that the app isn’t running in the background.
After confirming, stop background apps from advanced options.

3. Stop background apps

3-1. Click “Advanced options” in the app menu.
 3-2. Click the box for ” Background App Permissions ” in Advanced Options .
 3-3. Click ” Always off ” to stop background apps .

Types of what background apps do

  • Power Optimized:  In most cases, this content is the default. Reducing power consumption by a small amount does not make a computer lighter.
  • Always on:  It makes sense if you use the app with this setting all the time while the computer is booting, but otherwise it may put a strain on your computer and slow down your computer.
  • Always Off:  You can use the app normally even if you stop background running with this setting.

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