Common File Associations with Bin

. . A file with the BIN file extension is a binary copy of a disk, such as a CD or DVD. The BIN file contains all raw data and information from the original disk, and can be used as a backup copy if the original gets deleted or corrupted. Common file associations with the BIN file are ISO, ISZ and NRG files. ISO files
ISO files are disk image files. Like BIN files, they store an exact replica of the original disk. ISO files are often used to make CD and DVD copies.
ISZ files
An ISZ file is a zipped ISO disk image. Like a regular ISO file or BIN file, the ISZ file contains the same information and files as the original disk, but an ISZ file is compressed to save hard disk space.
< br> NRG files
an NRG is a Nero CD or DVD image file. Similar to a BIN file, the NRG file contains raw data and files from the original copy. This file is opened using Nero software.

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