Compaq N610 Hard Drive Specifications

The Compaq Evo N610 is a notebook computer with a Pentium 4-M processor, Windows operating system and up to 512 megabytes of RAM memory. While these specs are important to understand, you shouldn’t ignore the hard drive. Storage space is always at a premium in mobile systems, so it’s important to know how big your unit is and what expansion options exist. Storage capacity
The Compaq N610 notebook contains a 20GB, 30GB, 40GB or 60GB hard drive. Capacity depends on notebook configuration at time of purchase. You can increase the storage capacity of the N610 by upgrading to a larger hard drive.
Form Factor and speed
Because the Compaq Evo N610 is a notebook computer, it uses 2.5-inch hard drives instead of the typical 3.5-inch drives for desktops. These smaller units operate at 4,200 revolutions per minute or 5,400 revolutions per minute, which is slower than the standard 7,200 revolutions per minute speed for desktop units.
the hard drive on the Evo is removable by the user via a bay on the left side of the system. This makes upgrading to a larger unit or replacing a broken one much easier. You can also install a second drive in the HP MultiBay on the right side of the notebook. This requires you to remove the optical drive, however.

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