Compatibility MicroSD Card

MicroSD cards are one of the newest and smallest flash memory cards that store data in electronic devices such as cameras. Users can also connect these cards to a computer via a memory card reader to transfer data. Benefits
Users of MicroSD card compatible devices can store additional media, including videos, audio or photos, in their camera, mobile phone or audio player. Because MicroSD cards are so small, they can be compatible with smaller electronic devices, such as the Olympus FE-5020 digital camera.

MicroSD cards are the smallest of the memory cards that use SD technology, at just 15mm x 11mm and contain only eight contact pins that connect with the electronic device. The 21.5mm on 20mm MiniSD card has 11 pins, while the original 32mm by 24mm SD card has nine pins, and the cards are not compatible because of these physical differences.

consumers can purchase adapters that are the same size as the original SD cards. The user inserts the MicroSD card into the adapter, which shares the same shape and size as the source SD card. The adapter then fits into SD memory card slots on computers or card readers and the user can store data on the MicroSD card without a compatible reader.

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