Compatible Hard Drive for HP Pavilion A1520e

The HP Pavilion A1520e is a desktop computer capable of using more than one hard drive simultaneously. According to HP, the computer uses an ASUS M2N61-LA motherboard. This card determines your computer’s hard drive compatibility. Storage and speed
The A1520e can use hard drives with either 80-, 160-, or 250 gigabytes of storage space. If users install multiple hard drives, not all of them need to have the same capacity. According to HP, all available factory hard drives run at 7,200 RPM.

Connection Types
The motherboard has a total of three connectors that can be used for hard drives. Two of them use the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) format. The third uses the Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA) format, also known as Integrated Hard Electronics (IDE) format.
A1520e chassis comes with five bays. Two of them can house 5.25-inch drives and three can house 3.5-inch drives. One of the 3.5-inch drives is internal, while all others are external. According to “The PC Guide,” the difference between external and internal bays is that external bays allow users to access the drive without having to open the computer’s case.

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