Converting a MapSource Data Card to an SD Data Card

MapSource is a flash based memory card that stores the different maps and trail information for use in a GPS device. Although it saves information just like other flash memory-based devices (such as SD data cards), it is a microSD card. Because of this, you need a specific adapter to connect the MapSource data card to an SD card reader on your computer. Once connected to a computer, you will have the ability to import data from the card to a separate data SD card. Things You’ll Need
SD Card Adapter

Show SD Card Reader More Instructions
Insert the microSD MapSource card into the SD card adapter. Because the card is smaller than a standard SD card you must increase it in order for the SD card reader to detect the hardware. With the microSD card inserted into the adapter, it now resembles a full-size SD card. You are able to purchase this adapter from any electronics store.

Plug the USB cable without the SD card reader into any USB port on the computer.

Insert the MapSource data card into the SD data card reader. Click “Start”, “Computer”, double click the removable device icon. A window will load with all map files currently stored on the MapSource data card.

Click and drag files from the open window to the desktop. Once complete, eject the microSD card from the card reader and insert the standard SD card.

Click “Start”, “Computer”, double click the SD card icon. Click and drag the MapSource files (currently saved to the desktop) into the open window to convert the file information to the SD card.

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