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Cortana/search missing from Windows 10 taskbar

If you don’t see the Windows 10 search box or Cortana, use the right-click menu on the taskbar. 

Search and Cortana display settings

You can set the display settings for the search box and Cortana by right-clicking on an empty space on the taskbar.

Setting search display format

If you hover the mouse cursor over “Search” in the menu, a submenu related to the search display will be displayed.
If the search box is not displayed, select “Show search box”.
 Cortana appearance type and state

  • Show search box
  • Show search icon
  • “Search” is not displayed in the hidden taskbar.

Show/hide Cortana icon

You can show/hide the Cortana icon from the taskbar menu. Click “Show Cortana button” to operate the checkmark.
If there is a check mark, it is “Show”. If not, it is “Hide”.

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