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Create Windows 11 installation media and download ISO

Windows 11 installation media can be easily created by using the “Installation Media Creation Tool (MediaCreationTool)” provided by Microsoft on its official website. You can also download Windows 11 from the website. The version currently offered is 22H2 . The following page introduces how to download 21H2 and create installation media.
This page introduces how to create installation media for Windows 11.
For the clean installation method using the installation media, see the separate page below.

Create Windows 11 installation media

The required capacity of the Windows 11 installation media is 8 Gb or more for USB memory and DVD-DL 2 layers for DVD disc .

1. Download the installation media creation app

To create Windows 11 installation media, use the “MediaCreationTool” application provided by Microsoft.
Click “Download now” under “Create Windows 11 installation media” on the Windows 11 download page.

2. Settings for creating Windows 11 installation media

1. Double-click the downloaded installation media creation tool “MediaCreationToolW11” to run it.
・If User Account Control appears, click “Yes”. 

2. After the message “Please wait while it is ready” is displayed, the “License Terms” will be displayed. Click “Agree”.
 3. When “Language and Edition Selection” is displayed, click “Next”.
・If you want to change the language, you can do so by clicking “Use options”.

3. Create Windows 11 installation media

When “Please select the media to use” is displayed, insert the media “USB memory” or “DVD disc” to be created into the computer so that it is recognized .

Create Windows 11 installation media with USB

Please note that all files and data stored in the USB memory will be deleted when you create the installation media.

1. Select your USB flash drive and click Next.

2. Select “USB memory” to create installation media and click “Next”.
3. Wait for Windows 11 to start downloading.
4. Once the download is complete, creation of the installation media will begin. “Creating installation media for Windows 11” is displayed, so wait as it is.
 5. When the message “Your USB flash drive is ready” appears, the installation media has been created .
 You can view the contents of the created USB installation media by clicking the “drive letter” in the upper right. Click Done to close the screen

Create Windows 11 installation disc from DVD

1. Select “ISO file” and click “Next”.
2. Select a location to save the file and click Save.
3. Wait for Windows 11 to start downloading.  

  • When the download is finished, the message “Please copy the ISO file to a DVD” is displayed.
  • Click “Finish” to save the downloaded ISO file and exit without creating an installation disk.
  • If you click Save in, you can open and select the saved folder.
  • If you click Open DVD Burner, you can create a DVD installation disc.

Windows 11 ISO file download

In Windows 11, you can download the ISO file by specifying the language. 1. Click the “Download Windows 11 disc image (ISO)” selection box on the Windows 11 download page, select “Windows 11 (multi-edition ISO)”, and click “Download”.
The multi-edition ISO file is a specification that allows you to install Pro, Home, Enterprise, etc. with a single ISO file (image). 2. “Select product language” is displayed. Click “Select one” to select the language and click “Confirm”.
 3. “Download” is displayed, so you can download by clicking “64-bit download”. 

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