Dell Inspiron B130 Will Not Read Data DVDs

The Dell Inspiron B130 is a Windows-based laptop computer that is no longer produced. However, the system should still work, so you can perform many of the same tasks you can on newer computer systems. This includes reading data DVDs, so if any data DVDs are not being read on your Dell Inspiron B130, it is important to troubleshoot the situation to determine exactly what is causing the issue. Instructions
Open the Dell Inspiron B130 CD/DVD drive and verify that the DVD is completely inserted into the disc drive. ( Push the disc down completely on the drive’s rotation axis. ) If the DVD is out of the drive, the computer will not be able to read all the data written to the disc.

Inspect the bottom of the DVD. If the DVD is dirty or scratched, the computer will not be able to read the written information. Clean the DVD with a damp cloth, allow it time to dry and then put it back into the DVD drive.

Insert the DVD into a different computer to see if the system reads the disc. If the other computer doesn’t read the disc, the problem is probably with how the original computer wrote the disc, but it’s not with the Dell Inspiron B130

Insert data DVDs created on other Windows computers. (not Mac computers) on the Dell Inspiron B130. Mac DVDs are usually formatted differently, and Windows computers may not be able to read the information. (This is especially true with older computers such as the Dell Inspiron B130).

Restart the Dell Inspirion B130. It is possible for the computer to load incorrectly, causing some hardware to malfunction, including the DVD drive.

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