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Disable “weather” icon added to Windows 10 taskbar

From Ver.2004 onwards, we provide functions that display “weather” and news and interests on the taskbar of Windows 10. Suddenly, the weather forecast display is added to the taskbar, and mouseover of the weather reveals a large screen, which can be intrusive. If you don’t need the weather display or functionality, you can easily turn it off and disable News and Interests as well . It is also possible to display only the weather icon. This page introduces the display setting of “Weather” newly added to the taskbar. Please refer to the following page for how to delete the update notification of the blue icon.

“Show/hide (disable)” weather on the taskbar and set its behavior

Open the weather display settings menu
Right-click “Weather” on the taskbar or an empty area to bring up the menu.
 weather display settings

You can set the weather display on the taskbar and the behavior of the information window from ” News and Interests ” in the right-click menu of the taskbar.

If you want to turn off the weather display, click and select ” Disable ” to remove the weather from your taskbar and disable News and Interests.
Other display settings include:

  • Display icons and text
    Weather icons and temperature are displayed.
  • Show icons only
    Shows weather icons only.

 News and interests behavior settings
* Depending on the environment, this setting may not be displayed.

  • Decrease Taskbar Updates
    Select to reduce the frequency of updates such as news and weather.
  • Open on Hover
    Checkmark and select to see News and Interests when your mouse pointer hovers over the weather. If deselected, the screen will only appear when you click Weather.

Taskbar weather overview

This weather display function allows you to display your favorite information such as news by placing the mouse pointer on the place where “weather” is displayed. You can change the content to be displayed by opening a special site from “Personalization Settings” and selecting what you are interested in.
The function added to the taskbar is characterized by customizing news and interests to display the screen rather than displaying “weather”. 

A new feature that displays the “News and interests” window from the weather on the taskbar was announced on Windows Blogs (English) on April 23, 2021 Japan time. In addition, there is also a simple introduction page about news and information of interest displayed from the “weather” on the taskbar in Japanese on the official Microsoft page. 

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