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Disable Windows 10 OneDrive update notifications | Updates required

OneDrive in Windows 10 is registered at startup by default, and the Onedrive app starts automatically. There are reports that the notification “Update required To continue using Onedrive, you need to update” appears many times. If you don’t use OneDrive, you can stop the automatic startup, turn off OneDrive update notifications, and prevent OneDrive from starting. You can also uninstall and remove the Onedrive app itself.
Choose the method that suits you best: uninstall and delete, or disable startup.

Stop OneDrive from starting up and turn off update notifications

1. In the taskbar, right-click on a place where there is nothing such as an icon, and a menu will be displayed, so click “Task Manager”.
 When the “Task Manager” opens, click “Startup” in the tab menu.
If “Startup” is not displayed, click “Details (D)” at the bottom left.
 Click “OneDrive” to select it and click “Disable”.After the setting is completed, confirm that the display has changed to “Disabled”.
Anything that is “disabled” the next time you restart your computer will not start automatically and you will not be notified of updates.

* To return from disabled to “enabled”, click the target software that is disabled and click “Enable”.


Delete the OneDrive app to get rid of update notifications

If you’re signing in to OneDrive and using it, disconnect it first. Right-click OneDrive in the notification area, click Settings, and click Unlink on the Account tab. Right-click “OneDrive” in the Start menu and click “Uninstall” in the menu.
 When Programs and Features opens, click “Microsoft OneDrive” to select it and click “Uninstall”.

Silence regular notifications instead of OneDrive update notifications

1. Click the Start menu and click Settings in the menu.
 2. When “Settings” is displayed, click “System”.
 3. When “System” is displayed, click “Notifications and actions”.
 4. Scroll down the Notifications & Actions screen and click on “OneDrive” under “Get notifications from these senders” to turn it off.
OneDrive notifications should now disappear from your screen.

Can’t install updates

If the OneDrive update cannot be installed and the update notification does not disappear, delete OneDrive once ( delete method is at the end ) or reinstall it as it is (overwrite installation).
Open the Microsoft official page below and click “If you need to reinstall, click here to download.”
Open the downloaded OneDrive executable and install it.
When you install OneDrive, it will be displayed as follows, so leave it as it is. When this display disappears, the process is complete.
Installation completion notification will not be displayed.

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