Does Mac Formatted Floppy Disks Work on a PC

Windows PCs do not have built-in support for Mac-formatted disks. There are programs that however allow for a Windows PC to access files stored on a Mac disk. Incompatibility
According to the website, while Macintosh computers have been able to access a DOS formatted floppy disk since 1989, the reverse has never been true. DOS and Windows operating systems cannot read a Mac-formatted disk.
While floppy drives are not widely used these days, some companies still manufacture external floppy drives that connect to a computer using a USB or FireWire connection. These drives are generally compatible with both Mac and PC computers. This doesn’t make the discs compatible with both systems, however.
The only way to access files stored on a Mac-formatted disk from a PC is to use an externally developed program. Although support for floppy disk drives has long since ended by Apple and Microsoft, independent developers make programs that allow Windows computer users to access files stored on Mac-formatted disks.
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