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Enabling and Using Windows 11 Edge IE Mode

IE mode of Microsoft Edge, which is a standard built-in browser application of Windows 11, is not enabled by default. To enable IE mode, select “Allow” to reload IE mode in Edge settings and he will be able to use IE mode. This page introduces how to enable and use IE mode in Windows 11 Edge.

How to enable and use IE mode in Windows11 Edge

Internet Explorer 11 has been deleted in Windows 11, and sites that cannot be used without IE can be used by enabling IE mode, starting Internet Explorer in Edge, and reading.

Enable IE mode for Windows11 Edge

1. Click the ”  ” menu button at the top right of the Edge screen and click “Settings” in the menu.
 2. Click the item “Default browser”.
 3. Click the Allow sites to reload in Internet Explorer mode selection box and select Allow . 4. When the restart button appears, click it to restart Edge and the IE mode is enabled .

By selecting “Allow” for the “Allow sites to reload in Internet Explorer mode” setting, IE mode will be enabled and “Reload in Internet Explorer mode” will be added to Edge’s settings menu.

How to use IE mode “Open the site in IE mode”

  • Open the web page you want to use in IE mode.
  • Click the menu button ”  ” and click ” Reload in Internet Explorer mode “.

When reading in IE mode after the webpage has been reloaded, a dialog such as setting IE mode is displayed.

IE mode setting description for dialog

  • Next time open this page in Internet Explorer mode If you turn this switch button to “On” and click the “Finish” button, you can set
    the currently opened page to always open in IE mode for 30 days . This setting can also be set by entering the URL in the “Add” of “Internet Explorer mode” below the “Allow” selection above.
  • Click “Manage” to open “Internet Explorer Compatibility (IE Mode Settings)” in a new tab. 
  • If you do not want to set anything, click the “Done” or “x” button to clear the display.

When the dialog disappears, the message “You are in Internet Explorer mode….” is displayed at the top. To turn off the display, click the ” x ” button. Click ” Exit ” to reload the page and exit IE mode.
Even if this message is hidden by clicking “X” on the page loaded in IE mode before, it will be displayed again when closing the Edge browser and loading it again in IE mode. 

By editing the IE mode registry and creating site data to be opened in IE mode, you can always open the registered site automatically in IE mode without displaying the upper message without the number of days . Please see the following page for details.

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