External Mac Compatible DVD Burner

Macintosh computers usually come with everything you need for computing, usually including a DVD burner on current models. However, if you are in need of an external DVD burner, you must ensure that it is Mac compatible. When choosing an external DVD burner, consider media types and speeds. SE-S084D External Optical Drive by Samsung
This USB drive is compatible with both PC and Mac. It comes in a black, white or blue case if you want to have it match your computer. This unit weighs less than a pound and measures 5.5 by 6.2 inches, which makes it easy to carry in a laptop bag. The Samsung USB external optical drive comes with Nero software, which will make burning or burning discs easy. The unit supports both 12- and 8-cm discs. It provides many speeds on many different media types, which include 24xCD-RW, 24xCD-ROM, 8xDVD+R, +R 6xDVD, 5xDVD-RAM recording, 6xDVD-RW recording and +RW 8xDVD recording
<. br > Black External DVD R/RW DL CD-R/RW Drive Combo
This unit is made by Centrix International. The CIC 632E1KIT unit comes in black and includes the USB cable and drivers. The unit does not come with any recording or writing software, which will have to be purchased separately. It has 2MB of data buffer memory and it can handle speeds of 6x for dual layer DVD and up to 24x for CD-RW discs. This unit is powered by USB, so no AC adapter is needed. This portable drive is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista, as well as Mac OS X.
Iomega Super DVD Writer 24x External DVD Burner

Iomega offers this model, which is compatible with both PC and Mac and comes with Nero Software. This set of software makes it possible to burn videos and CDs with just one copy click. You can also play movies, view and edit videos or create DVD and CD labels. Exporting videos to online sites is also possible. The handset also comes with the necessary cables, a power cord, as well as a one-year warranty. Discs you can purchase separately for this unit can store 8.5GB of information, which is equivalent to 34,000 photos or 12 hours of movies. To keep this huge amount of information a disk needs to be a 4.7GB double layer.

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