Folder opens by itself when Windows 10 starts

If the previously opened folder opens automatically when Windows 10 starts, you may be able to solve it with folder options.
This page introduces how to prevent the previously opened folders from being opened after signing in.
If a particular folder opens each time, it may also be registered at startup. (see end) Please refer to the following page for how to stop the application that was opened last time at startup from opening without permission. 

1. Open Folder Options.
Click “File” in Explorer, and a menu will appear. Click “Change folder and search options” or “Options.”

2. Set the folder that was opened last time not to be opened
Click the Display tab.
Scroll down and click Show pre-logon folder windows to remove the check mark.
Finally, click “OK” or “Apply” and you’re done.

Certain folders open automatically on startup

Delete the target folder if it exists, referring to the two figures below. Startup only for currently signed-in users
 Common startup for all users

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