Formatting Fully Erase a Hard Drive

Even though most people believe that formatting a hard drive will erase everything on it, this is an unfortunate myth. There are companies and programs out there that can restore data from a formatted hard drive by proving that all data is not erased once the drive is formatted. formatting
When a hard drive is formatted, the process does not erase the data on the drive. What it does is delete the address tables. Address tables tell the hard drive how to access the data. Without address tables, it is more difficult to recover files. However, a computer specialist should be able to recover most (or, in some cases, all) of the data that the disk contained before it was formatted.
Deleting files
Deleting files from a hard drive also doesn’t permanently delete them. It only deletes one of the many paths to that file. Formatting does a little better job than deleting a file does, but it’s not a permanent deletion.
Disc Cleanning
A safer method of removing data from a hard drive is called disk wiping. This process ensures that data, including company and individually licensed software on your computer and storage devices, is irretrievably erased. The disk wipe process overwrites the entire hard disk with data. This process is repeated several times before the disk is formatted. Once the drive is formatted, it is almost impossible to recover the data that was on the drive prior to replacement.
Formatting a hard drive will not completely erase a hard drive. If you want to completely erase your hard drive, it is advisable that you look into disk cleanup.

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