Free Recovery Floppy Programs

Although not as common as in previous years, people still use floppy disks. Sometimes a person just wants to retrieve an older file from a floppy disk and store it on a more accessible device such as a USB flash drive. Sometimes data gets corrupted, and this can make a floppy drive unreadable. Fortunately, there are several free recovery programs to aid in recovering data from a floppy disk. These programs, as with any recovery program, may not offer success 100 percent of the time, but they do not allow a user the opportunity to recover lost files. BadCopy Pro
BadCopy Pro can help you recover lost or corrupted data from floppy disk. Offering the ability to access hard-to-access floppy disks, repair damaged file systems and file recovery, BadCopy Pro advertises that it can recover data from disks that state operating systems cannot yet be accessed acessado. A risk free program, it doesn’t write any new data to the damaged floppy disk and instead chooses a program on the computer’s hard drive.
Diskette Repair and Recovery
Another floppy disk recovery, repair and recovery program offers an option that allows you to recover data from floppy disks that have been formatted. A user can recover deleted, corrupted and unreadable files using this program. Floppy Disk Repair and Recovery is compatible with all versions of Windows.
Recovery Floppy Activity
Active Floppy Recovery allows a user to create a complete backup image of a floppy disk and can burn the image to a corrupt disk, which restores the disk to its exact state at the time of backup. This program can search through images and files on floppy disks for partial filenames or text fragments, allowing you to locate an exact file you might be looking for. It also offers a feature called Floppy Disk Library, which can store disk images of multiple floppy disks on a computer for file backup and potential access purposes.
file recovery and undelete utility for floppy drives formatted with FAT file format system, FlopShow can also create disk images and the ability to restore these images for recovery purposes. As with Active Floppy Recovery, this allows the disk to be restored to its exact state at the time of backup. FlopShow warns users that recovery depends on the extent of damage to the floppy and that they may not always successfully service when recovering floppy disks.

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