Freeware to restore files from a BKF

A BKF file is most commonly associated with Windows XP operating system. BKF files are backup files that help Windows XP run safely and efficiently. Without BFK files, your computer may not be able to run certain programs. If you lose or accidentally delete BKF files, there are free data recovery programs you can download online to recover the files. recuve
Use Recuva to recover lost or deleted files. You can download Recuva for free on the Internet. Recuva uses a File Recovery Wizard to walk you through the steps to recover your BFK and other deleted files.
Restore is a free data recovery program developed by Brian Kato. This program can be downloaded online. Navigate the Restore interface to recover your deleted BKF files by copying them individually and restoring them to your computer.
Download TOKIWA for free over the Internet. This program will scan any drive you select for deleted and lost files, including BKF files. Use the program menu to recover your deleted data and restore it back to your computer.

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