Hard Disk Partition Recovery

Hard disk partitioning involves dividing a hard disk into multiple disk units, called partitions. Hard disk partitioning can result in a loss of digital information, but data can usually be recovered through various methods. Data Transfer Solution
a hard disk partition moves data between disks, which can cause the system registry to reconfigure the moved data to match the set id it has written to the original files. As a result, data may be lost. Hard drive data can be recovered by copying it, or backing it up, to a storage medium, such as a live CD, which contains its own auto-boot operating system.
File System Solution

The hard drive partition can cause a file system to become corruption or experience errors due to moved or modified files. Data recovery software can detect and fix file system errors. Once errors are fixed, data can often be recovered.
Hard Disk Replacement Solution
Partitioning the hard drive can cause enough errors to render an inoperable hard drive. In this case, the data on the hard disk must be copied to a CD or other portable storage device. Then the hard drive must be physically removed and a new hard drive installed.

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