HDD Recovery Error

An HDD or hard drive device used for data storage, may experience system or drive errors for a number of reasons. These errors can lead to data loss. A data recovery process can help salvage lost information. Data transfer
Data lost due to hard drive errors can be recovered by copying it to another storage medium. A live CD, which is a portable disk that contains an auto-boot operating system, can be used to recover lost data. A live CD can be operated through a computer’s file manager application to transfer system files.
Repair System Software
HDD errors can be caused by file system errors or disk errors in the drive. This can make this system inaccessible due to the fact that it can no longer be mounted or used by the computer’s host operating system. System repair software, such as Ontrack Data Recovery, can often be installed to recover data.
HDD replacement
Severe HDD errors can cause an entire hard drive to become inoperable. Under such circumstances, disk data must be backed up to live CD or other portable storage medium that can be accessed through another computer. The hard drive can be uninstalled, and a new hard drive can be installed in the computer.

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