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Hide and Remove Windows 11 Start Menu Recommendations

How to hide recently used items in “Recommended” of the Windows 11 Start menu and how to reduce the display area of ​​recommended can be operated by right-clicking the start menu. The icon can be deleted from “Delete from list” in the right-click menu. This page introduces how to hide and remove “Recommended” in Start.
For other customization settings for the Start menu, see the page below.

How to hide “Recommends” in the Start menu
Windows 11 Start Menu Recommendations is a feature that displays frequently used apps, recently added, recently used files, etc. in the “Recommended Area” at the bottom of the Start Menu.

1. Launch the Start Menu Settings

If you right-click anywhere on the Start menu, you will see “Start Settings”.
 Click “Start Settings” to display the start settings.

 When starting the settings of the start menu from “Settings”

  • Open the start menu and click “Settings”
  • Click “Personal settings” in the setting item
  • Click Start in Personalization to display Start Menu settings

2. Reduce the recommended display area of ​​the start menu

By reducing the recommended display area, you can display more icons pinned to the start menu. Here’s how to pin it to the start menu. You can reduce the recommended display area by clicking and selecting “Show more pins” in the Start menu settings.

 3. Turn off and hide the recommendation display of the start menu
In the Start menu settings, turn off all of the following items.

  • View recently added apps
  • Show frequently used apps
  • Show recently opened items in Start, Jump Lists and File Explorer

“Jump List” and “File Explorer” descriptions for recently opened items

If “Show recently opened items in Start, Jump List and File Explorer” is set to “Off (Hide)”, the following items will also be hidden.

  • What is the Recent Items Jump List?

    Recently used items displayed in the right-click menu such as the application icon on the taskbar

  • What is File Explorer in Recent Items?

    Recently used files are displayed in “Recent Items” on Explorer’s home screen.

Hide recommendations

*This completes the setting to hide recommended items in the start menu.


How to Remove Individual Start Menu Recommendations

You can individually delete icons such as files and apps displayed in the Start menu recommendations. If you don’t want to hide recommendations altogether, you can work around this by deleting individual recommendations. Right-click the icon you want to delete displayed in “Recommended” in the Start menu, and click “Remove from list” in the menu to delete it from the recommendation.

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