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Hide News Highlights on Windows 11 Search Screen

News and highlights displayed on the search screen of Windows 11 can be hidden by turning off “Show search highlights” in the search permissions of privacy and security. This page introduces how to hide news and topics displayed on the Windows 11 search screen.

Hide news highlight on taskbar search screen
The news highlights displayed on the search screen on the taskbar used to be hidden in the taskbar menu, but in Windows 11, the default display of highlights is hidden by setting “search permissions”. Set.

Open Search Permissions Settings
1. Click the Start button, then click Start Settings.
 2. When the settings are displayed, click the item “Privacy and security”.
 3. When Privacy & Security appears, click Search Permissions .

Search access permission setting screen

Basic search settings can be configured through search permissions.
How to hide/show news in search

The display of search news is operated by “on/off” of the “Show search highlights” switch button. 

Hide search news

Under Other Settings, click the Show Search Highlights switch button to turn it off .

This will hide news, topics, etc. on the search screen.
Search screen when search news is hidden
 To cancel hiding news on the search screen
If you want to display news and highlights on the search screen, set the switch button to “ON”.

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