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How to Hide, Show or Delete Recents in Windows 10

Windows 10 Starter menu, explorer, how to hide or show “recently used” that appears when you right-click the button on the taskbar, you can change the display settings of three places with one operation from personal settings. increase. This page introduces how to hide/show recently used items. For details on how to hide Quick Access ” Frequently Used Items
” displayed in Explorer , refer to the following page.

Hide or show recently opened
The Show Recents setting is enabled in three places: the Start Menu, Taskbar Jump Lists, and Explorer. Jump lists are buttons that are pinned to the taskbar. Open Personalization
Right-click on an empty spot on the desktop to open the menu.
Click “Personalization” in the menu.
 When the setting window opens, click “Start”.
 Show/hide settings The screens of Ver.2004 or later and Ver.1909 or earlier are slightly different, but the operations are the same. Show when the switch button is “on”, hide when “off”. Ver.2004 or later
Clicking “On/Off” for “Show recently opened items in Start menu or taskbar Jump Lists and Explorer Quick Access” will immediately reflect the setting.
Show when on, hide when off
 Ver.1909 or earlier
Clicking “On/Off” for “Show recently opened items in Jump Lists on the Start screen or taskbar” will immediately reflect the setting.
Remove individual recent items from the taskbar

Right-click the desired taskbar Jump List and right-click the item in the menu that you want to remove. Click “Remove from this list” in the menu that appears.

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