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Hide Windows 10 Start Screen [Do not display tiles]

If you don’t need it, you can hide the large “Start Screen” next to the Windows 10 Start Menu. When we talk about the “start screen”, we mean the tile next to the start menu. This page introduces how to hide the start screen.

About the start screen
When you click the “Start” button, the start menu appears, and the tile displayed on the right side is the “start screen” 

What is the start screen “tile”?

Boxes containing icons, etc. are arranged like tiles, so they are called tiles. What is pinning
Displaying a shortcut icon on the start screen, taskbar, etc. is called “pinning”. 

* If the start screen is displayed on the entire screen, tablet mode is enabled.
Disable tablet mode to return to the normal start screen (menu). For how to set the tablet mode,

Hide the start screen (tiles)

1. Remove all tiles first. “Unpin”
Right-click the desired tile and click “Unpin from start screen” in the menu to unpin all tiles.

2. After removing the tiles, turn off the start screen. “Hide”

  • If you close the start menu and display the start menu again, the start screen area disappears. 
  • If the Start screen area has not disappeared, move the mouse pointer to the right edge of the Start screen.
  • When the mouse pointer changes to a “↔” arrow, hold down the left click button and move the mouse to the left (drag and drop) to hide the start screen.

 3. The start screen should now disappear.

 If you want to display (use) the start screen again, you can display the “start screen” by pinning the icon or folder of the desired application.
The settings for the start screen are introduced on the following page.

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