Hitachi Hard Drive Specifications

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, or Hitachi GST, based in California and founded in 2003, manufactures several lines of hard drives. Hitachi manufactures the Desktar, Travelstar, Ultrastar, Endurastar, Microdrive and CinemaStar brands. The primary consumer brands, Deskstar and Travelstar, are designed for desktop and laptop computers, respectively. Hitachi hard drives follow various specifications that allow you to determine the performance levels of the drives. Form Factor
The form factor determines which case a Hitachi hard drive will fit into. Hard drives with a 3.5-inch form factor are designed for desktop computers. Hard drives with a 2.5-inch form factor are designed for portable computers. Although you can configure a 2.5-inch Hitachi hard drive to fit in a desktop case, a 3.5-inch desktop hard drive won’t fit in a laptop.
the interface of a Hitachi drive determines the speed, performance and compatibility of that drive. All of Hitachi’s current internal desktop and mobile hard drives use the Serial ATA, 3 gigabytes per second interface. SATA 3GB per second hard drives transfer data at more than twice the speed of the fastest Parallel ATA hard drive. SATA 3GB per second SATA hard drives are faster than 1.5GB per second hard drives, but slower than SATA 6GB per second hard drives. SATA 3GB per second Hitachi drives will run on motherboards that support SATA 1.5GB per second and SATA 6GB per second technology. To connect a SATA 3Gb per second hard drive to a PATA motherboard, you need a PATA-to-SATA interface adapter. Running a 3GB SATA per second hard drive on a PATA motherboard will also limit the hard drive transfer speed to 133 megabytes – . The fastest PATA drive speed

capacity determines how much data a Hitachi hard drive can write to its sectors before running out of available storage space. When all sectors of the hard disk are full, the hard disk cannot write any more data to the disk. Hitachi internal desktop hard drives have up to 2 terabytes – 2,000 gigabytes – capacity. Mobile hard drives can write as much as 750GB of data to disk.
The higher a hard drive revolutions per minute, the faster its ability to read data. The number of times in a minute the hard drive spindle can rotate 360 ​​degrees determines the RPM of a Hitachi hard drive. Both desktop and Hitachi mobile hard drives have speeds of 7,200 rpm, an average speed of hard drives. Deskstar 5K1000 uses CoolSpin, which aims to keep the unit cool and increase its lifespan by decreasing its power.

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