How can I change AHCI to ATA for a Toshiba

The BIOS allows you to change the configuration of devices and components installed for your Toshiba. Modern hard drives can run in ATA or AHCI mode. AHCI mode performs slightly better than ATA mode, but ATA mode is supported across a variety of platforms. AHCI mode, however, only works with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Changing your hard drive to run in ATA mode will allow you to install an older operating system onto the drive, such as Windows XP. You can change the hard disk settings in the Toshiba BIOS. Instructions
Restart your computer and press “F2” at the Toshiba boot screen, until the BIOS setup menu appears.

Select the “Advanced” menu using the left arrow key.

Use the down arrow keys to highlight “SATA Controller Mode.” Press “Enter” to display the options.

Select “Compatibility”. Press “Enter” to change SATA AHCI mode to ATA mode. Press “F10” to save the settings. Highlight “Yes” and press “Enter” to exit the BIOS utility.

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