How Can I Recover Data From A Quantum Fireball Lct Hard Drive

While in the process of upgrading a home or office workstation, there can be potential issues while transferring data to a new machine. In this case, he is recovering or moving data from a Quantum Fireball hard drive to a new job. The Quantum Fireball hard drive is manufactured by Quantum Corp, and this particular type of hard drive has a capacity ranging from 10GB to 40GB. Most models have the IDE transfer channel, but there are models that use the latest SATA format. Things You’ll Need
Adapter USB 2.0 Port 2.5 Inch SATA
USB 2.0 Power Adapter Cable Connection Cable
External Power Supply
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Connect the SATA /IDE hard drive adapter to the Quantum Fireball hard drive and plug the external power supply into a power source. Do not mind.

Connect the proper power supply for the Quantum hard drive.

Turn on the “Power” selector on the hard disk adapter. Depending on the operating system, your computer should now see the Quantum hard drive as an external hard drive.

Double-click on the new volume and start scrolling through the folders for documents and data you want to recover.

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