How do I recover deleted images from Demo digital camera

Digital cameras use memory cards to store images. Erasing an image on a memory card doesn’t actually erase it from the card until it has been overwritten by a new photo. You can recover an image from a memory card that has been deleted, or “erased”, by running a memory card recovery program on a computer that can restore the image’s file structure. There are a number of free memory card recovery programs that will perform this task, with most of them working in an intuitive way that makes the procedure as accessible for a computer novice as for the more experienced user. Things You’ll Need Show
Memory Card Adapter
More Instructions
Turn off the digital camera. Remove the memory card from the camera’s memory card slot. Put the digital camera aside.

Download a free memory card recovery program for your PC desktop, for example, the free Smart Recovery memory card program (see link in Resources). Double click on the file once it is fully downloaded. Follow the menu commands to install the program on your PC’s hard drive. Restart the PC.

right-click on the desktop. Select “New Folder” from the pop-up menu. Name the folder “recovered”.

Insert the slotted end of the memory card into the memory card adapter slot. Plug the USB memory card adapter’s connector into a USB port on the PC.

Launch the free memory card recovery program by selecting its name from the “Start”, “All apps” pop-up menu.

Click the “Browse” button next to the “Destination file” tab. Navigate the widow that appears on the desktop. Double-click the “recovered” folder icon to close the window.

Select the “Scan” button on the left side of the program. Wait as the program scans all drives that are connected to the PC.

Select the memory card icon which is in the center column of the program. Click on the “Start Scan” button at the bottom of the program screen.

Wait for a new screen to appear. Select the file that has been “deleted” by the digital camera from the list presented in the center column by clicking on it once with the mouse.

Click on the “Recover” button at the bottom of the screen. Exit the program once you see the file icon in the open window of the “recovered” folder on the desktop.

eject the memory card by right-clicking its icon on the desktop and selecting “Eject” from the pop-up menu. Pull the USB port memory card reader out of the PC. Pull the memory card out of the memory card reader slot. Return memory card to digital camera.

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