How do I repair Seagate 750 Pro Free Agent

Seagate 750 Pro Free Agent is an external hard drive capable of storing up to 750 gigabytes of videos, photos and other data. If it will not allow you to save any more information and the drive is not full then it has become corrupt. To fix this, you must format the drive. This will reset the Free Agent to its original settings, removing the corruption error as a result. Instructions
Connect the Free Agent’s power cord to an electrical outlet and its universal (USB) serial bus cable to a computer’s USB port.

Click on the blue icon in the lower left corner of the screen. This opens the “Start” menu. At the top of the right pane of the “Start” menu, click on “Control Panel”.

Access “System and Security”, then “Administrative Tools”. Double click on “Computer Management”.

Locate and click on “Disk Management” in the left pane. A list of all drives connected to the PC will surface. Right-click the Free Agent and select “Format”.

Press “OK” on the next two screens to format the drive to its default settings.


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