How do I replace the SSD on an Asus EEE PC

The Asus Eee PC laptop uses an SSD or solid state drive instead of a normal hard drive. The SSD drive is similar in appearance to a standard hard disk drive but contains no moving parts and uses microchips to store data. One of the other reasons Asus laptops use these drives is because the Eee model computer is much smaller than other laptops, and the smaller SSD hard drive is easier to fit into the drive. If you need to replace it, you’ll find it’s a simple process. Things You’ll Need
Phillips Screwdriver
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Turn off the Asus Eee and unplug the power cord. Close the screen and turn the unit upside down.

Disconnect the rectangular battery from the rear of the unit. Locate the square upgrade bay in the center of the bottom of the unit.

Remove the two screws holding the compartment cover in place. Lift the cover to expose the hard drive and memory modules. The hard drive is the rectangular component encased in a metal case.

Slide the hard drive out of the bay and remove all screws from each corner of the metal case around the drive.


Remove unit from box and set aside. Put a new drive inside the box and replace the screws.

Place the hard drive in the compartment and replace the cover and screws.
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