How do I troubleshoot a GSA 2166D External Super Multi DVD Burner model

The LG GSA-2166DD Super Multi DVD Burner is a USB-based DVD writer/rewriter allowing users to connect to a PC or Mac computer and send data and media to a recordable DVD. The rewriter can also be used as a player for music CDs and video DVDs on your computer. Like any other electronic device, the GSA-2166DD is not immune to errors, but you can take troubleshooting steps to correct them. Things You’ll Need
Glass Cleaner or Alcohol
Lens Cleaning Cloth
DVD Disc Cleaning
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Unplug the AC and USB adapters and check the plugs to ensure no foreign bodies are blocking the connection. Reconnect the plugs, pushing firmly into place. Connect the USB cable directly to the computer tower instead of a relay port on your monitor, keyboard or hub.

eject the disc you are trying to play or record, and clean it with alcohol or glass cleaner and a lint-free cleaning cloth.

Insert a DVD lens cleaning disc into the rewriter and press “Play” on your DVD viewing software. Do not use a CD lens cleaning disc as these may damage the DVD player’s laser heads.

Open your DVD burning software “Setup” or “Options” menu and reduce “Burn Speed” 4x or less to decrease disc writing errors.

Visit the Softpedia website and download updated drivers for the rewriter (see Resources). Double-click the downloaded file to update your system’s drivers, fix compatibility issues between your computer and the rewriter.

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