How Many DriveHow Many Drives Can Be Installed on a Single ATA Controllers Can Be Installed on a Single ATA Controller

ATA – also known as IDE, EIDE or PATA (Parallel ATA) – is an interface connector that allows hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives and optical drives to connect to the motherboard. Capabilities
Users can install up to two ATA devices on a single ATA controller, and computers can have up to two ATA controllers – or four ATA devices -. In full

One end of the data cable connects to the motherboard. The other end connects the slave device. A second link, located in the middle of the ATA data cable, connects to the main device. A four-pin peripheral power cable that comes from the power supply also connects to the ATA device.

the motherboard and BIOS recognize the primary device as the “master” device, and the secondary device as the “Slave” device. You cannot boot from a “Slave” device.

ATA devices require you to set jumpers on the back of the drive. Jumpers – small plastic-wrapped pins – “Slave” arrange in different patterns on the back of the device to change the device to “Master” or

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