How to access SATA and ATA hard drives at the same time

Modern hard drives and optical drives use a SATA interface to connect to the motherboard. However, from 1994 until the release of SATA technology, computer manufacturers took over ATA as the technological standard for hard drives. Most motherboards allow users to connect SATA and ATA hard drives to the computer, although you can attach a SATA drive to a motherboard that only supports ATA. Things You’ll Need
Phillips Screwdriver
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Launch a web browser. Go to the official website of your PC manufacturer. Search for your computer model on the “Support” page.

Review your owner’s manual to determine which disk drives your motherboard supports. Older motherboards can only support ATA drives, while newer motherboards can support ATA and SATA or SATA only.

Turn off the computer . Remove the power cord and any other peripherals connected to the back of the PC.

Release the main panel from the computer. Touch the computer chassis to dissipate static electricity.
5 4-pin molex connector.

Check the inside of the computer for a 40-pin ribbon cable and a 4-pin molex connector. Insert the connectors into the appropriate slots on the back of the ATA drive.

Slide the ATA drive into the first available bay near the front of the PC.
7 SATA connector Screw the drive into place.

Insert the SATA data and power cables into the back of the SATA drive. Insert the SATA drive into the second available bay. Screw the unit into place.

Replace the case onto the computer. Reconnect the power cord and any other devices to the PC

Turn on the computer . . Hold down the setup key to access the BIOS. Manufacturers often use “Del”, “Esc”, “F1” or “F2”. Check the start-up screen for a message indicating which key to press to set up access.

Configure the BIOS to automatically detect ATA and SATA hard drives. Save settings and exit BIOS.

Install an operating system to any hard drive. Windows Vista and Windows 7 automatically detects both hard drives, allowing you to access files on both SATA and ATA drives at the same time.

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