How to Add a 1GB Sandisk Micro SD Card with SD Adapter and Add Hardware to My Computer

Many computers do not have a card slot to accommodate SanDisk microSD cards. That’s why SanDisk includes an SD card reader/adapter with many of their microSD products. If there is no memory card slot available on the system, you will have to use a memory card adapter that connects to the computer via a USB cable. Instructions
Rotate the microSD card and SD adapter so that the label is facing forward. Note the arrow on the microSD label.

Insert the microSD card, with the arrow facing up, into the U-shaped opening on the bottom of the SD adapter. Push the microSD card as far into the slot as possible.

Insert the SD adapter into the memory card slot. If no compatible memory card slot exists, insert the microSD card into a memory card adapter. Plug the memory card adapter’s USB connector into the computer’s USB port.

Click on the desktop “Start” menu and select the “Computer /My Computer” folder.


Click on the “Removable Disk” drive that represents the attached adapter. The drive will open and all files on the Sandisk microSD card will be available.

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