How to add Gigabytes to HP Pavilion A1700N

The HP Pavilion A1700N is a desktop computer built for home applications and Internet use. It comes with a 250 gigabyte SATA hard drive already installed. If you want to add more gigabytes of storage to your HP Pavilion A1700N, you’ll need to install a second SATA hard drive in your computer. You will also need a second SATA hard drive cable to connect the drive to your motherboard. Things You’ll Need
SATA Hard Drive With
SATA Screws Hard Drive Cable
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Turn off the computer and unplug the power cord.

Unscrew the big thumb screw on the back of your computer tower.

Slide the left side panel towards the back of your computer to open your HP Pavilion A1700N.
4 SATA cables connect your hard drive to a motherboard.

Connect one end of the SATA hard drive cable to the back of your new SATA hard drive.

Plug the other end of the SATA hard drive cable into the SATA hard drive slot on your motherboard. This will be near the front of your computer. You should see your current hard drive connected already, next to the open SATA slot.
6 SATA power cable provides power to the hard drive.

Plug one connector from your computer’s power supply into the power port on the back of your SATA hard drive.

Slide the SATA hard drive into the bottom hard drive compartment, according to the existing hard drive.

Align the screw holes on the side of the hard drive with the holes in the hard drive bay.

Secure the SATA hard drive with screws and screwdriver.

Close the side panel of the computer tower and secure it with the screw .

Turn on the computer and turn it on. It should automatically detect your second SATA drive, adding more storage space to your computer.

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