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How to Add Multiple Windows 11 IP Addresses

You can add multiple IP addresses to one network adapter in Windows 11. You can add multiple IP addresses by opening “Network Connections” from the control panel and selecting the advanced settings in the properties of the adapter. This page introduces how to add multiple IP addresses in Windows 11.For how to set a static IP address in Windows 11, see the page below.
Steps to add multiple IP addresses in Windows 11

1. Open Network Connections from Control Panel

1-1. Open Control Panel from the start menu To start from the Start menu, click “All apps”, click “Windows Tools” in the list to open Explorer, and click “Control Panel”.
 from search

  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard, then press control .
  • When the search screen appears, click “Control Panel”.

*This operation is the same as entering “control” in the search.
 1-2. When Control Panel opens, click “View network status and tasks” in “Network and Internet”.
 1-3. Click “Adapter settings/changes”.
2. Open the advanced settings of the adapter to add multiple IP addresses

2-1. On the network connection screen, double-click the network adapter to add multiple IP addresses .
 2-2. When the general screen appears, click “Properties”.
 2-3. Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click “Properties”.
If you want to add an IP address for IPv6, click Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6).2-4. When the properties are displayed, click “Advanced Settings”.
3. Add multiple IP addresses to the network adapter
3-1. Click “Add” under the “IP Address” box on the “IP Settings” tab.
 3-2. Enter the “IP Address” and “Subnet Mask” to be added and click “Add”.
 3-3. Click “OK” when you have finished adding the IP address.
 Add multiple IP addresses to the gateway
If you need additional IP addresses for gateways, click Add under the Default Gateway box to add gateway IP addresses. Notes on Adding Gateways
Adding gateways can be problematic, especially when adding gateways in different network zones. Example: If you add a different network gateway “” to the already set gateway ” “, the gateway may change for each connection, so it may not work as expected. I have. If the IP address to be used as the main is decided, it is recommended to set one gateway to be used as the main . Also, you can connect to that network zone without setting a gateway for the added IP address.

4. Reflect the added IP address by restarting the network adapter

4-1. Restart the network adapter to reflect the added IP address.

  • Disable the network adapter with the IP address added by clicking “Disable” in the right-click menu
  • Right-click the disabled network adapter and click Enable.
  • This action allows you to “restart” the network adapter.
5. Confirmation of reflection of added multiple IP addresses
5-1. Right-click the desktop and click “Terminal” in the menu.
 5-2. When the terminal is displayed, enter ” ipconfig ” and press the “Enter” key
 5-3. Search for the target network adapter, and if the added IP address is displayed in addition to the original IP, it is reflected and can be connected.

  • The IPv4 IP address is the IP address of the connected network adapter.
  • IPv6 IP addresses are displayed regardless of whether they are in use or not, unless they are set but IPv6 is not disabled.

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