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How to Add/Remove Favorites in Windows 11 Explorer

“Favorites” on the home screen of Windows 11 Explorer can pin only files and can be displayed additionally. If you want a folder to appear on the Explorer home screen, you can pin it to Quick Access and customize the Explorer home screen for your convenience. This page introduces how to display files and folders on the Explorer home screen.
Please see the following page for how to disable the display of recently used items in Explorer instead of your own favorites.
Add file to Explorer Favorites

Only files can be added to the ” Favorites ” display on the home screen of Explorer . If you want to display folders, see Add to Quick Access in the next section. 1. Right-click the favorite file you want to display in “Favorites” on the home screen of Explorer.  2. Click Add to Favorites from the right-click menu.  3. Display the home screen of Explorer, and if it is displayed in “Favorites”, it is completed.  

Tip: Files displayed in Favorites

Only files can be added to Favorites and viewed, but executable files such as apps can also be added to Favorites. If you add the shortcut icon of the app to your favorites, you can also start the app from the favorites on the explorer home screen.

Add Favorite Folders to Quick Access in Explorer

If you want to add favorite folders to the home screen of Explorer, add them to “Quick Access” instead of “Favorites” . It cannot be displayed in the Favorites area. 1. Right-click the folder you want to display on the Explorer home screen.  2. Click “Pin to Quick Access” in the right-click menu.  3. Display the home screen of Explorer, and if it is displayed in “Quick Access”, it is completed.  

Tip: Display Favorite Folders

In Quick Access, frequently used folders are displayed by default. If you want to display only your favorite folders , refer to “How to hide recently used files and folders” at the beginning and set “Frequently Used Folders” in Quick Access not to be displayed.

Remove the display of favorite files and folders added to Explorer

Deleting files and folders from favorites and quick access on the home screen of Explorer is a deletion only for display, so the original data remains without being deleted. 

Remove display of favorite files

Deleting a view from favorites You can delete a view by right-clicking the file and clicking “Remove from Favorites” in the menu. 

Remove view of files in quick access

You can remove the display by right-clicking the folder you want to remove from Quick Access and clicking “Unpin from Quick Access” in the menu.

File explorer
Explorer The official name is File Explorer, which is application software for file management installed in Microsoft Windows. Windows 11 has a home screen that displays quick access, favorites, and frequently used items. Explorer combines a user interface for accessing and managing files and folders on your PC’s internal hard drive, as well as external storage such as USB drives, network drives, or network shares . Explorer can view, copy, move, and delete files and folders, as well as search for files and create new folders. In addition, it has a preview function that allows you to see the contents without opening the file, metadata display, and a function to customize the layout of the interface.

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