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How to add Windows 11 users and account types and features

There are two types of users in Windows 11. Microsoft user accounts are mainly used for cloud services such as OneDrive and Windows synchronization, and are added by registering an email address. Local account users set and add user information directly in the computer. This page introduces how to add Windows 11 users and the characteristics of account types.

Add User

Microsoft users cannot be added without an internet connection. Local users can be added without an internet connection. Here, we will explain the main points of how to add users, and we will introduce the detailed addition method on another page. Add users in Accounts in Settings.
Click the Start button, then click Settings in Start.
 Click “Account” to display the account settings screen.
 In the account settings, click “Family and other users” for Ver.21H2 and “Other users” for Ver.22H2.
 Click the Add Account button under Add Other Users.

Add Local User

When the Microsoft account screen appears, click I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.

 When “Create an account” appears, click “Add a user without a Microsoft account”.
 When “Create a user for this PC” is displayed, enter the user name and password, set a hint and answer when you forget the password, and the addition of the local user is complete.
Add Microsoft User

■ There are two patterns for creating Microsoft users: new and existing.

1. Get a new account

How to add a new user by obtaining a new Microsoft service email address when creating a Microsoft user. When the Microsoft account screen appears, click I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.
 When “Create an account” is displayed, click “Get a new email address”.
After that, add the Microsoft user by setting the email address name, first name, last name and country, date of birth, etc.

2. Use an existing account

If you are already using Windows, Skype, or Outlook Mail and have a Microsoft account, how to add users using your existing account. Enter the email address or phone number you use for Microsoft services and click Next.
 When “Ready” is displayed, click “Finish” to complete adding the Microsoft user.

How to add users and how to delete existing users is introduced on the following page.

Types and characteristics of user accounts

There are two types of Windows 11 users: Microsoft accounts and local accounts, each with different characteristics. 

Characteristics of a Microsoft user account

Microsoft users are characterized by online users using the Internet.
You can synchronize settings with another computer or tablet, save data added with the cloud service OneDrive in a place (cloud storage) provided on the Internet instead of in the PC, or create a Microsoft user for children. In addition, you can set restrictions and other settings in the family group function online.

If you have a Microsoft user account, you can use the following services smoothly.


With OneDrive, you can save data to Microsoft’s cloud storage using the Internet without saving it on your computer. If you are a Microsoft user and enable OneDrive, if you save to a user-specific document folder, etc., it will be automatically saved to the cloud storage instead of the PC disk. The feature of OneDrive is that even if your computer’s disk drive fails, you can read data from cloud storage via the Internet. Also, it will be possible to log in to Microsoft and view the data on other computers. Please note that you will not be able to operate data when the Internet is disconnected. Also, the free space is 5GB, so if you have a lot of photos and videos, you will run out of space.

Synchronize Windows

Themes, passwords, and Windows settings can be synchronized, so even if you do a clean install or replace your computer, you can use it in a synchronized environment by signing in with the same Microsoft account. But it’s not perfect sync. Basic settings, wallpaper, etc. are synchronized, but applications installed on the computer and added data are not synchronized.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is a store operated by Microsoft Corporation. If you are signed in as a Microsoft user, you can download free apps and purchase apps from the “Microsoft Store” in the Windows 11 start menu. In addition, the payment information at the time of purchase is also linked to the Microsoft user, so you can purchase quickly.

Office Online

Office Online is a service that allows you to use office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint free of charge on the Internet using a browser. Although it is an Internet version of Office, the operation is similar to that of a normal office application, so it can be used intuitively, and basic functions such as creation and editing can be used. Also, since it is an online version, you can share documents and collaborate in real time.

family group

By adding Microsoft users, registering them in a family group, and setting them up for children, you can create an environment where you can use your computer more safely. If you register a Microsoft user for children in your family group, you can check and limit the following. Setting when the device can be used

  • See what sites your child has visited and how they use apps and games
  • Internet connection time limit
  • Time or usage limits for certain apps or games
  • Check your purchase history or set a request for parental permission before making a purchase
  • Restrictions on what apps can be downloaded
  • Browsing restrictions on certain Internet content
  • Confirmation of location information (only for android smartphones)

This service requires the operation of opening the family group website, creating a family group with the parent’s Microsoft user account, and registering and configuring the Microsoft user added for the child. For more information on the Microsoft Family Group, please see the official Microsoft page below.

Microsoft Family Group

With the exception of family group and Windows synchronization, local users can log in and use the main services introduced above as long as they have an account provided by Microsoft.

Be careful with your Microsoft account

  • Internet-dependent Microsoft user accounts should understand that if they lose their connection to the Internet, they will not be able to use their services and will be in a very inconvenient situation.
  • Microsoft account has an expiry date, so there is no problem if you always sign in to your Microsoft account and use it. and other Microsoft-provided services may become unavailable.

Characteristics of Local Account Users

The characteristics of local account users are aimed at offline users who work mainly on their personal computers without relying on the Internet.

Local user safety

In a local user’s environment, most of the work and operations are completed within the personal computer, so the risk of information being leaked to a third party is lower than for a Microsoft user.

Operation and convenience

The method of creating a local account user can be added without connecting to the internet, and the user name can be set freely. It’s built to be reasonably usable even if you’re not connected to the internet.

Microsoft services

Even if you are a local user, if you have a Microsoft account, you can use OneDrive, Office Online, Microsoft store, etc. without problems, even though they are not linked to local users.

If you want to minimize usage and personal information to be sent to Microsoft and customize various things such as the cloud yourself, then you are a local user.

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