How to boot an external hard drive such as a CD-ROM

When your computer will not start from the on-board hard drive, you can change the boot order and try starting it from alternative devices. Normally, the computer will try to boot first from the floppy drive, if present, then from a CD or DVD. However, you can change the boot order so that the PC looks at the external hard drive first. Instructions
Turn off your computer and wait for it to shut down. Press the “Power” button and watch the screen carefully.

Press the appropriate key when you see the “Press X to enter setup” message. The exact key used to enter setup varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. HP computers often use the F1 or F10 key, while Dell computers use the F2 or F12 key.

Use the arrow keys to locate the “Boot Order” option. The location of this option depends on the PC manufacturer, but it is often found in the “Advanced” menu.

Press the arrow keys until “USB Devices” is first in the boot order. Exit the setup menu and restart your computer to boot from your connected USB external hard drive.

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