How to build a CD/DVD duplicator

A CD or DVD duplicator is a device that reads a CD or DVD and creates an exact physical copy of the original media. The least expensive method for creating a CD or DVD duplicator is to find an older computer tower already equipped with a motherboard and extra slots for optical drives, allowing you to add your own DVD-R/W drives to perform your own CD or DVD duplication from home. Things You’ll Need
Tower Computer
DVD -ROM drive
DVD -RW drive /
blank CD /DVD -R
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Find an older computer with a DVD -ROM drive already installed and at least one additional optical drive bay to add your W /DVD -R.

Connect the additional optical drive to the motherboard by sliding the drive into the drive bay, and attaching the unused ribbon cables from the motherboard to the drive. Secure the unit in place.

Restart the computer and insert the CD or DVD to be copied into the DVD-ROM drive. Insert the blank CD or DVD you authored into the newly installed optical burner.

launch your favorite CD or DVD copying software and start the copying process.

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