How to Build a Cruzer on Linux

SanDisk Cruzer, one of the most popular USB flash drives, works equally well on Windows and Linux. Keep files, programs and even entire operating systems on the pen drive for true portability, and move them from one computer to another with ease. While some Linux distributions can access Cruzer without any further steps, other Linux versions may require you to mount the drive for the first time. Things You’ll Need
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1 Assembly
Connect the Cruzer flash drive to a USB port.
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Open a file manager such as Nautilus or Konqueror. Move to the “/” directory.

Open your “media” or “mnt” directory, depending on your Linux distribution. Cruzer will appear as /sda1, /sdb1 , or even as “disk”, depending on which version of Linux you use.

Right-click the directory that corresponds to your Cruzer, and click “mount”. On some Linux distributions, it can mount on insert.

Double-click on the Cruzer directory to open it. From there, you can save files, open and edit them, or even run programs installed on your pen drive.

Unmount Cruzer by opening the file manager, going to your Cruzer directory, right-clicking on it and selecting “Unmount” from the context menu.
7 assembly

Plug your Cruzer into a USB port.

Open a command shell, type “cat /etc /mtab” without the quotes and press “Enter” to find the Linux name assigned to your Cruzer. It can be ” /dev/sda1 “, however, it varies by linux distribution
9 Type

” su – ” . In your command shell and press “Enter”. When prompted, enter your root password and press “Enter” again. This will put you in a root terminal.

Type “mount /dev/sda1” into the root shell to mount the drive, replacing the name assigned to your Linux Cruzer.
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Access your Cruzer with a file manager or Midnight Commander to edit files or create new ones.

Unmount your Cruzer by typing “umount /dev/sda1” in a root shell. Press “Enter” before disconnecting it from the computer.

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